The Commons

We have enough space to feed everyone – we just have to change green space to food space.TheCommons5

The Commons are One Tomato’s communal gardens. Similar to community gardens, but open for everyone, The Commons have been a welcome addition to neighbourhoods where an extra bit of local, healthy eating is wanted.

Click here for our list of ‘official’ communal gardens that grow free produce for everyone.


All it takes is a little soil, plants and time to make a huge difference in your community and at your local food bank. Whether you see a plot of space in a city park, local business, or community college, there’s space to grow delicious vegetables – you just have to find it! Imagine if every organization participated in giving up a little grass for a lot of veggies – what a difference that could make!

How do you create your own communal garden?TheCommons3

1. Send us an email to let us know that you’d like to grow your own vegetables, eat them, and give some to your local food bank.

2. Download and print signage to include near your garden, letting everyone know what you’re doing.

3. Determine how big or small you’d like your One Tomato garden to be. Are you plowing your backyard or buying a pot?

4. Pick at least one vegetable that suits your environment and your tastes. Don’t try planting orange trees in Alberta and don’t plant broccoli for yourself if you don’t like it. (Makes sense, right?)

5. Find gardening calendars for your growing region to figure out when the best time is for planting.

6. Plant your seeds or small plants according to their needs.TheCommons2

7. Maintain as required. (A little bit of sun here, a little bit of water there.)

8. Once ripe, enjoy your homegrown food and give any extras to your local food bank, which is always greatly in need of generous, industrious people like yourself!