One Tomato Project

Plant. Grow. Eat. Give!

One Tomato Project is our program aimed at encouraging people to grow at least one tomato in their garden this year. Yup, you heard us – we’re going to get excited over one tomato! Hopefully your plants will produce more than just one tomato, but we think you should celebrate the difference that one edible tomato makes.

Why just one tomato? One tomato is not expensive to grow, it’s pretty easy, and it can be grown just about anywhere. You can plant a tomato in your garden, in the flower bed, in a container, a hanging basket, or even on your front lawn. If you don’t like tomatoes, that’s okay! You don’t have to be a tomato lover to join in – the goal is to grow some vegetables, so try out any vegetable you like.


How do you participate?OneTomatoProject1

1. Come to Sarnia Artwalk, held on the first weekend in June. There, we’ll be handing out 1,000 tomato plants thanks to DeGroot’s Nurseries! We’re also there to talk about the difference that one tomato can make, and give you some tips/tricks to ensure your tomato plant grows wonderfully.

2. Download and print signage to include near your garden, letting everyone know what you’re doing.

3. Determine how big or small you’d like your One Tomato garden to be. Are you plowing your backyard or is it a porch pot?

4. Pick at least one vegetable that suits your environment and your tastes. Don’t try planting orange trees in Alberta and don’t plant broccoli for yourself if you don’t like it. (Makes sense, right?)

5. Find gardening calendars for your growing region to figure out when the best time is for planting.

6. Plant your seeds or small plants according to their needs.

7. Maintain as required. (A little bit of sun here, a little bit of water there.)

8. Once ripe, enjoy your homegrown food and give any extras to your local food bank, which is always greatly in need of generous, industrious people like yourself!

Here are some other ways you can encourage local eating and benefit your food bank.

Make bucket gardens.
If you know an individual or family who is struggling to make ends meet, you can plant a tomato in a pail and drop it off at their house. Or you can head over to a local food bank, and offer to donate some plants to people in need. The average cost for four tomato plants is $1.25, and each plant could produce more than 40 pounds of tomatoes!

Can it.OneTomatoProject2
Have you preserved tomatoes or peaches in the past, and had good results? Consider donating your time to teach a class at a local community centre to teach this valuable and disappearing skill. Let’s start a movement to feed people with locally grown produce for as long into the year as we can!

Start a “One Tomato Project” food drive at your local farmer’s market or grocery store.
The concept of the One Tomato Project can carry over here like this: if you buy a 10lb bag of potatoes, but almost always end up throwing away three potatoes because they go bad before you get to eat them, then consider donating three potatoes to your local food bank. Ask your market or grocery store to have a fresh fruits and vegetables basket available for people to donate just one thing each time they shop. One apple. One potato. One carrot. Or, one tomato.