Hi One Tomato-ers!

Here’s a link to a cool article about front yard vegetable gardens.  How do you feel about them – do you think they are ugly, will they drag down neighbourhood property values, or are they completely awesome?

I think I’m in the completely awesome camp and am eager to grow some corn in my front yard. However, I know that I’m (it’s Megan) an enthusiastic spring gardener, but as soon as it’s mid-July I lose steam. It’s hot out – I’d rather be … not hot. And I think that being radical – which front-yard vegetables are! – requires some good care if I’m setting the example.

There’s no by-law in Sarnia regarding front yard gardens, as long as there are no noxious weeds in it and sight lines along the driveway are maintained. Maybe I’ll give it a try.

If anyone has pictures of their own veggie gardens, we’d love to see them!  Share them here or on Facebook and inspire us!

Have a great day.

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