Food Works


The Food Works program is an exciting local-food initiative to prepare youth with the basic knowledge and skills required to succeed in creating healthy meals in their homes using local food.

We currently are not operating this program, but we hope that with additional funding and public support we will be able to change lives once again.Food-Works-Logo

Food Works is One Tomato’s farm-to-classroom program for Grade 7 students in Lambton County. Food Works helps students learn about healthy eating and local foods through hands-on cooking sessions. The program is 10 weeks of 90 minute classes each week, and includes strong emphasis on practical cooking as well as safe food handling skills. Throughout the program we promote local, in-season eating, with foods purchased from local farmers’ markets and farm-gate stands. Students are able to develop relationships with local producers through Food Work’s ‘Commodities and Careers’ section, where local producers come into classrooms to speak about farming and local agriculture, as well as careers in the food industry. Students learn about the food industry, and through their hands-on cooking experience also gain valuable job skills for this sector. An optional program component includes a bus trip to a local farm to learn more about how food is grown in Lambton County.

But this is not just a program for children; its benefits are far broader than simply connecting farmers to students. It addresses problems such as childhood obesity, poor sustainability in cities and municipalities, and disappearing urban fringe farms, particularly small-scale family run farms threatened by urban sprawl. Rural farmers benefit as well, through access to large, consistent markets for their produce and increased awareness about eating local foods.

We are working to build awareness about local foods through students, teachers, and parents. We are empowering students to understand healthy food choices, and be able to choose and make these healthy foods themselves, all while understanding the importance of local foods.

Our collaborative partners include Goodwill Industries – Essex Kent Lambton, and Lambton-Kent Ag-in-the-Classroom. We work with the support of the Lambton-Kent School board as well as the St. Clair Catholic District School Board to deliver our programs during class times.


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