Donate Now

Thanks for wanting to help change lives by making a tax-deductible contribution to One Tomato!

There are a number of areas that we could use your giving:

One Tomato Project – encouraging people to plant, grow and eat more produce. We rely on donations to attend events like Sarnia Artwalk, to promote the cause.

Food Works – this elementary school programs costs approximately $2,000 per class.

The Commons – each communal garden cost fluctuates, but your donation will help to ensure that free produce gets into the hands of those who need it this spring/summer/fall.

Special Projects – there are many other ideas we have in the works to ensure that our vision is fulfilled. Please talk with us about your unique skill set and financial situation – we hope to partner with you soon!

For financial or gift-giving inquiries, please contact Darren Hakker at 519-491-0404 or email